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Established by the

North Kiskunság Forestry
Management Unit




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The „Vackor Vár” is waiting for you!

„To learn about nature in nature...”Fa játékvár gyemekekkel

A Vackor Vár Erdei Iskola a The forest school is situated in the Nyíri forest near Kecskemét-Hetényegyháza in one of the most beautiful sand-steppe oak grove forests of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. The main objective of the forest school is to raise the environmental awareness and consciousness of 6-18-year-old children.

„If you often go to the woods, you can learn how to live in cooperation with nature, you will be more patient and more tolerant towards other people.”

The impressive building complex consists of a two-star hotel for 44 people, a playground with a wooden castle, a forest activity field, a handball/football and basketball field.

Awareness raising activities take place on 26 hectares of the more than one thousand hectare Nyíri forest. Visitors may get acquainted with the flora and fauna of forests, forestry activities and forest management through guided tours and field trips. Fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, fox, squirrel, several bird species and small game may be observed in their natural habitat from high stands. Informative signs along the 1848-metre-long nature trail inform visitors about forest wildlife. The Nyíri Forest House is a monument to the memory of the heroes of the Hungarian revolution and war of independence in 1848-49. The nearby Saint Huberus Chapel is also a beautiful building.
The Forst school offers lessons in the Arboretum in Kecskemét as well.

During school holidays and during the summer months interesting camps for children are organised. The most popular camps are the Wonder deer camp (learning about the old traditions and history of the Hungarian people), Scholar training camp (activities to get interested in learning), Archery camp (including skill activities) and the Survival camp (activities in forest day and night).


A szálló épülete


Activities for 6-10-year old children

1. Nyíri parkland
» 1.1. Hiking (hiking trail and farmyard)
» 1.2. Wildlife observation (fajmeghatározás, vadles)
» 1.3. Observing nature (microscope, weather, astrology)
» 1.4. Crafts (natural materials)

2. Clever management!
» 2.1. Forestry (Forestry management, environment and nature protection)
» 2.2. Hunting (Hunting management, archery)

3. Lifestyle
» 3.1. Nourishment (virtuous plants, mushrooms, traditional therapy)Gombakukkantás
» 3.2. Survival (forest skill activities)
» 3.3. Wisdom (camp fire, courage test)

4. What was it like?
» 4.1. Visiting the historic museum
» 4.2. Folk activities, folkdance
» 4.3. Health, ONE-ness (baking bread in open-air oven)



Activities for 11-14-year old children

1. Flora and fauna
» 1.1. Hiking trail, farmyard
» 1.2. Race determination, wildlife observation
» 1.3. Microscope activities, weather, astrology

» 2.1. Environmental and nature protection
» 2.2. Forestry management, natural and sustainable  forestry, job of a forester
» 2.3. Hunting, game managenet

3. Lifestyle
» 3.1. Healthy nutrition: baking bread in open-air oven
» 3.2. Traditional therapy: „Fruits” and presents of the forest, life in nature
» 3.3. Forest gymnastics
» 3.4. Forest skill activities
» 3.5. Campfire, courage test

4. Once and now
» 4.1. Visiting the historic museum
» 4.2. Crafts

The „Vackor Vár” is waiting for you!

Tree of the year: BIRD CHERRY

Bird of the year: the COMMON BUZZARD

Insect of the year: EUROPEAN MANTIS

Wild flower of the year: SPRING PHEASANTS’S EYE